What I Have Been Up to…

It has been a while since I last posted and I am feeling the lack.  Last Tuesday, we flew to New Jersey to begin the wedding celebrations for the bro – D.  This whole thing is being spread out over three weeks so we get quite a vacation out of it.  On the other hand, I haven’t had much time to bake, and I wasn’t able to photocopy my TWD recipes for the three weeks that I will be gone so I am not participating in that.

We have been quite busy though, hence why I haven’t had time to post.  There were about 50 people at my parents’ house over the weekend and we had to prepare, and of course, be awake and social and everything – no time for jet lag.  The Little Rocker really stood up to the challenge and in only three days got back on schedule.

The Little Rocker takes a break.

When I first found out that we would be flying in to the US in August, I immediately thought about going to the Middlesex County Fair.  My family used to go every summer and we always had such fun.  I wanted to take the Little Rocker and even Rocker Dude so that he could catch a glimpse into my past.  I found the fair site online and it occurred to me that I could enter something into the baking contest.  Exciting!!  I know that it is unlikely that I might win (statistically obviously) but it is fun just to try.

It took me a good few months to decide what to make, but I finally decided on an Enclosed Apple Tart and the Tarte Noir.  I have actually made this apple tart a number of times but I haven’t yet had a chance to post it.  I really need to get around to it.  In any case, here is a picture of how it came out,

Enclosed Apple Tart

The deadline for submitting the baked goods to the fair was 5 pm today.  Because D. decided to move most of his stuff out of my parents’ house today to his new apartment, I was car-less and short some ingredients.  But Abba came to the rescue!  My dad took me to the store to stock me up (I don’t know how to drive stick, and besides, I’m not sure that my dad would let me drive his baby anyway).  So I was running a little bit late and on top of that using different materials than what I am used to, so these did not come out as well as I would have hoped.  Basically, the crust of the Tarte Noir shrank and at the last minute I decided to cut the sides off the crust and just have a bottom crust.  It actually worked out really well.

The Little Rocker found the tart crust scraps and decided to dip them in the leftover chocolate - and then just lick the chocolate off 🙂

The best part of the whole day was that I. came by to visit.  She used to live in Israel with us and only recently moved back to her parents’ house in New York, so this was a great opportunity to see her.  She has a country radio show (Country Love with Ilona – check it out) so she was just tickled pink to be able to go to a county fair, the epitome of country.

She came with me and Rocker Dude to the fairgrounds and carefully held the apple tart on her lap the whole way there (she didn’t want to hold the tarte noir and take responsibility for holding it perfectly straight –  that went to Rocker Dude – he needs a few more lessons in holding things straight.)  We got there with no mishap and submitted the two tarts.

My submission tickets to the fair.

The judging began shortly after we left, but we won’t know until Wednesday when we go to the actual fair whether I got a blue ribbon or not.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Me and I.!!!