Fresh Apple Pie on a Diet

Who loves apple pie but always feels guilty for wanting more than two pieces? Definitely me.  Anyone else out there?  Well for all you people, here is the perfect recipe.  It’s also really quick so you have no excuses. And after you’ve eaten the cinnamon buns from the previous post, you may be ready for these.

Baked Apple Pie

The idea came from a picture that E. pinned me? pinterested me? what’s the verb for using Pinterest? She found it on Pinterest and sent it to me. You can check it out here.  We are talking apple pies with no bottom crust!  Just baked apple! What an ingenious idea.  You still get that pie crust flavor from the top crust and you don’t have to worry about a soggy bottom crust because it is an apple – if it is not soggy then you are in trouble.

We decided to use Granny Smith apples for the base and then fill them with apple pie filling made from Jonathan apples.  This was the perfect treat for movie night, put into the oven right before the movie started and ready 30 minutes later.

Conveniently I had a small amount of pie crust left over from a previous pie-making session (recipe here), and it was the perfect amount to cover these apples.

While waiting for E. and A. to make it over, I prepared my all-purpose pie filling (something else that needs to be posted) which is basically sliced apples, a tad of cinnamon and sugar and a bit of lemon juice.  You can also add other spices such as cardamom or nutmeg or allspice if you want.

When E. came over, I quickly cored the Granny Smith apples that she brought  and left a small border of apple under the skin.  Then I stuffed them with the apple pie filling.  I rolled out the dough and cut it into thin strips to make a lattice. Bear in mind that this whole process took about 8-10 minutes.  After latticing the top – into the oven they went! And 35 minutes later – fresh baked apple pie!  It’s like the best of both worlds – baked apple and apple pie. This is the perfect TV watching snack for the winter.

Apple Pies all in a Row (please ignore the cookies next to the pan, they are for another post on linzer cookies - stay tuned!)

Also, something I noted while eating the apple – Mission Impossible 3 has almost nothing to do with the other Mission Impossibles and the story line is so not Mission Impossible. Sorry to throw that in here, just something I noticed.



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