Back to Baking – Maple Tuiles

I know everyone, it has been quite a while since I last posted.  Blame it all on the companies who have to report their third quarter earnings.  Hey, it’s not my choice to work 11 hours a day!  Why does every company in the world have to do it all at the same time??? Oh wait, I think there is some international law about that.  Oh well.  Either way, the month of November has been a bit crazy and I haven’t had time to bake, let alone blog about it.  I hope that you loyal readers have not yet given up on me, I will provide sweetness and happiness for all!

But in order to get back on the wagon, I have made this week’s TWD recipe.  I know that I am doing this at the very last minute (I even prepared a lot of this post ahead of time so that I could do the baking all the way until the end).  We are in the middle of Hannuka, the Festival of Lights and Fried Foods (okay the second part is not the official name, but it might as well be). In the span of a week, I have made two kinds of doughnuts (overcoming my fear of deep-frying), fried potato latkes, and eaten about five different varieties of sufganiyot (originally jelly doughnuts, but today, they fill them with all sorts of things like pastry cream, mango cream, almond cream – cool stuff).  So yeah, fried foods.  I actually read an article that says that the average Israeli gains about 5 lbs. during the holiday of Hannuka.  So I’m average, big whoop.

Since the holiday started on November 30th, we have had two parties at our house and other related celebrations.  Rocker Dude has been off from work as the public schools have vacation for the whole week of the holiday.  The Little Rocker has off on Thursday, so we will all be home and spend quality family time together.  Rocker Dude will be sleeping late (as he has done all week, the Little Rocker will be coloring on any surface her crayon can get to and I will be wiping up after her in between cooking for Shabbat.  And then we will go to the park if it doesn’t rain (please let it rain!!!  We need it really badly!!!!).

So back to the whole baking thing, remember that?  This week’s recipe was chosen by Hindy of Bubie’s Little Baker.  She chose Translucent Maple Tuiles and I am very excited to make them.

I have never made cookies like this before and since I am all about trying new things, hey why not?

The batter keeps in the refrigerator for a week, so I made the dough after our party on Monday night and then made the cookies on Tuesday night after work (hence the late posting).  It was really easy to mix up.  I just used a spatula and mixed everything in a bowl.

Ingredients for the batter.

After reading the comments that other people made, I knew to space the little balls of dough really far apart.  These cookies really spread, as much as I spaced them, they still ran together.


Spaced cookies


And this is what they looked like after 7 minutes in the oven:


Cookies baked and ready to shape


Dorie says to wait only about a minute before removing these cookies from the cookie sheet to shape them.  I found that it was too soon, and the cookies completely smushed and I couldn’t get them back to their previous glory.  So I waited a little longer, and then I could get them off the sheet and over the rolling pin.  Though perhaps because I used margarine instead of butter (like I always do) or maybe because I used imitation maple syrup and not the real stuff (which is prohibitively expensive as it has to be imported from the US and Canada) they stayed soft and did not hold their curved shape.  So we have flat tuiles.


Maple Tuiles


I tried some of the mess-ups and they were absolutely delicious, I can’t wait to eat these with a nice bowl of ice cream – yum!

You can find the recipe on Hindy’s site here, and see what other TWD bakers did here.

P.S. sorry for the late posting, due to our internet upgrade, we had no internet last night, so I had to wait until I got to work to post it.  But yay for faster internet for the same price!



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