Tuesdays with Dorie: All-American All-Delicious Apple Pie

I am so behind on my posting, and I apologize to everyone out there.  Things have been busy at work and even busier at home.  I have been involved in planning three different wedding-related celebrations, we went to one wedding and still have two more this week.  It’s a busy time, and I have been baking, I promise, I just haven’t had time to post it.  So let this post be the first drop in the bucket.

A little apple pie

This week’s recipe was the All-American Apple Pie.  It was chosen by Emily of Sandmuffin.  She chose it because she loves apple pie.  Of all the fruit combinations in the world, I LOOOOOOOVE apple pie!  I think that apples are my favorite fruit to bake with and I love baking with fruit.  I was looking forward to this recipe as soon as it was chosen, and I finally made it last week.

Margarine for the pie crust.

Rocker Dude had been nudging me for a while saying that I haven’t ever made a pie with a lattice crust and why haven’t I made one and is it because I can’t make one.  After reminding him that I have made pies with a lattice crust before (he still doesn’t believe me), I decided that just to prove him wrong, I would make this pie a lattice-topped pie.

Pie crust dough ready for refrigeration.

I made this pie a week and a half ago, on Friday, so because Little Rocker came home from daycare early and I needed to entertain her, I decided to make this a joint project and we had a ton of fun with it.

Ready to be rolled out

I made the dough while she was napping, so it was all ready to be rolled out when she woke up.  For her birthday, J. and M. had gotten her a mini kitchen set – but with real tools, not toys.  It has a mini whisk, a mini rolling pin, a measuring cup, a mini sifter and some little cookie cutters.  I gave the Little Rocker a 4 inch pie plate and we were in business.

Rolling out the dough

We rolled out the dough together, and made sure there was enough flour.

Flouring the dough

Then we placed the bottom crust in the pie plate and put it in the refrigerator while we got the filling ready.

Pressing the dough into the pie plate.

I did not have tapioca, and I had no idea where to get some, so I just added some cornstarch to the mix.  This is the first time that I have used lemon zest in an apple pie, but I can promise that it won’t be the last (even though Rocker Dude complained that he could taste lemon and it made the pie too tart).

Apple filling

We filled the crusts with the filling, and then I rolled out the top crust.  I cut it into lines, and the Little Rocker helped me put the “stips” on the pie.  We crimped the edges and then went to work on her little pie.

Elephant Cookies

We rolled out a top crust and carefully pressed it over the apples.  Because there was some extra dough, and the Little Rocker has developed a total obsession with elephants (or ephelants), I used one of her new cookie cutters, which conveniently was an elephant, and we made little elephant cookies.  Some we put as decoration on top of the crust and the others we baked plain.

Pies ready to be baked!

The pie came out looking beautifully.  I got to prove to Rocker Dude that I could make a lattice-topped pie and the Little Rocker got to make her own little apple pie.  Okay, I will admit, she didn’t really eat the pie, she just gobbled down all the elephant cookies while doing her elephant impression – it was really cute!

The Little Rocker is a little possessive of her apple pie.

This pie tasted delicious.  The apple filling wasn’t gooey and it didn’t make the pie crust soggy at all.  Unlike commercial apple fillings, you really taste the apple and it makes eating the pie so much more enjoyable.

All-American All-Delicious Apple Pie

For the recipe go to Emily’s blog here, and see what other TWD bakers did here.


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