And the results are in….

Woohoo!  Last night Rocker Dude and I took the Little Rocker and our two friends M. and L. to the Middlesex County Fair.  It was great weather and we had so much fun.

Of course the first stop after eating dinner was to check out how my baking entries did.  At first I didn’t see them, but then I saw the white ribbon next to my Tarte Noir – Honorable Mention (i.e. third place)!!

White Ribbon on the Tarte Noir - doesn't look like much here, but when I dropped off the whole tart, it looked wonderful.

That was awesomely exciting, and we jumped around about it for a while, and then we went to explore the rest of the fair.  The Little Rocker was entranced by all the animals.  She especially loved feeding the lambs and calves.

Little Rocker feeding the lambs.

We also saw ducks and rabbits and that totally blew her little baby mind.  I think that she wasn’t sure that all these animals were really real.

M. Rocker Dude’s bestest best friend was in America for a couple of weeks working, so he came down to meet us at the fair.  He wasn’t really dressed for it, and I think he came more as a spectator of the country culture than anything else.

M. pushing the stroller

L. came along because she is my bestest best friend and, she being the busy nurse that she is, was only available yesterday to hang out.

L. and the Little Rocker

We had so much fun and can’t wait to go back again when the Little Rocker will be old enough to enjoy more of the rides and other attractions.

And now, off to bed so that we can get up at 6 in the morning and make our way up to Rochester, NY for the bro’s wedding weekend.


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