Tuesday’s With Dorie: Chockablock Cookies

Mary of Popsicles and Sandy Feet chose this week’s recipe.

These cookies are chock-full of goodness!  I made them last Tuesday for our Israeli Independence Day BBQ.  We had friends over and of course we needed dessert.  I decided to make the TWD recipe a bit earlier than I normally do and let everyone enjoy them. They came at just the right time, as I was really jonesing for a delicious chewy cookie with a lot of texture.

Rocker Dude went to watch a practice for the Bar Ilan University Acting Society’s play for this semester.  (Among everything else that he does, he is also one of the heads of the BIAS organization.  It means that he helps choose a director for each semester and approves the play chosen, and directs and acts here and there.  Check out the BIAS site for more info here.  We actually got engaged while we were both acting in The Three Musketeers.)  So I figured I would surprise him and have the cookies ready when he got back.

These cookies were a cinch to mix up and are the perfect cookie to make when you are in the mood for cookies and you don’t feel like waiting forever for them to be done.  I didn’t want to put in all the additions, such as the coconut – we are both not great fans of coconut.  But I did sneak in the crushed walnuts.  I didn’t tell Rocker Dude that there were nuts in the cookies, I’ll bet that I’ll hear about it tonight after he reads this ;).  I love oatmeal based cookies and these are a close runner-up to Dorie’s  Chunky Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies.

Here is the batter all mixed up.

And this is the best part – licking the beater.  If a cookies batter doesn’t taste good straight off the beater then it does not bode well for the finished product.

And here are cookies just waiting to be eaten.

Check out the recipe on Mary’s blog here and see what other TWD bakers did here.


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