Tuesdays with Dorie: Soft Chocolate and Raspberry Tart

This week’s TWD recipe looks absolutely delicious.  It is a pudding-like tart with raspberries on the bottom.  Raspberries are not in season here in Israel, so I had to use frozen ones. I figured that because the tart was going to be baked anyway, it wouldn’t make a difference, and it didn’t.  Nobody noticed.

We were invited to our friends’ for the weekend because they were celebrating their son’s second birthday, so I offered to bring this tart for dessert.  We were excited to visit because we hadn’t seen these particular friends in a while and S. would also have someone to play with all day.  They live in a suburban town nearby, and as a child of suburbia, I love to be in areas like that, where people have yards and there are no busy streets.  The best was the backyard.  I miss having a backyard.  They have a fence around it so we were able to leave the back door open and let the kids run in and out.  There were quite a few Anne Geddes moments where they were trying to talk to each other and were exploring grass together.  Adorable!

Back to the baking.  I have issues with tart and pie crusts, they always shrink on me.  Dorie’s recipe promises to be shrink proof, let me tell you, even I can make it shrink (I’m not sure if this is something to be proud of).  When I made the poached pear pistachio tart (post to come), the crust shrunk, so this time I tried to follow all the directions exactly to prevent the inevitable.  Last time I tried the pressing method, where you press the dough into the pan, so this time I decided to try the rolling method and rolled out the dough to fit the pan.  I even froze the dough in the pan for an hour before I baked it.  I have to tell you, that it actually helped a lot.  The dough did not shrink, too much, and it came out looking nice.  Granted, it got a touch brown, I was packing up our clothes for the weekend, and the timer was set for too long.  In retrospect, I should have par-baked the crust because it was going to be baked again with the filling in it.  In any case, I just made a pie ring out of tin foil to t the crust when I baked it with the filling and it came out perfectly.

I got the filling all ready.  The filling was a ganache base poured over raspberries.  Although I used frozen raspberries, I dried them before putting them into the pie crust and then poured the chocolate on top.  The tart is supposed to cook until soft, so that at room temperature it would have a pudding-like texture.  I forgot to turn the tray in the middle, so one side got more cooked than the other, so I turned the tray then and cooked the tart for another five minutes so that it was evenly cooked.  It was a little stiffer than pudding-like, more like a regular chocolate tart.  As you can see in the picture, I didn’t get all of the air bubbles out, and they just baked in.  I was unsure what to do, so at hubby’s suggestion, I covered the whole thing in whipped cream and no one knew.

Here is S. with the birthday boy coloring together (we are having 85 degree weather here, hence the clothes):

Check out the recipe here on Rachelle’s site Mommy I’m Hungry and see what other TWD bakers did here.


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