My First Post – Tuesdays With Dorie: Rick Katz’s Brownies for Julia

So this is my first post.  After following the Tuesdays with Dorie blog for a while, I decided to participate.  I bought the book required, Baking: From My Home to Yours.  This week’s challenge was making the brownies that Rick Katz, Julia Child’s food stylist, made for the crew on the TV set.  Now brownies with me are very much hit-or-miss.  Sometimes they come out fudgily perfect, and sometimes they come out hard as a rock on the edges and still gooey in the middle.  I can’t count the number of brownies that I have thrown out because they were inedible.  I got optimistic when I saw this recipe because all of Dorie Greenspan’s recipes are good, so maybe this time they will come out.

Weighing the Chocolate

Here I start, weighing out my chocolate.  For this recipe I got high quality bittersweet chocolate chips with 60% cacao.  The chocolate was melted with margarine over a double boiler.  Then I whisked the eggs with the sugar, and poured about half into the chocolate to temper the eggs.  The other half was beaten for a few minutes until it had doubled in volume.  This is probably the secret and the reason why the brownies came out so well.

Whisking eggs and SugarWhen I got the brownies into the oven and we started to smell the chocolate cooking, even my husband was drawn to the kitchen to see what was going on.  I was so nervous about this batch turning out well that I literally stood with my face pressed to the door of the oven to watch the brownies cook.  I was so paranoid that they would be jinxed!  As it was, it took longer than was listed in the recipe to cook, but with patience and much testing, they finally came out perfectly!!  I am a convert to Dorie’s method and I will never make brownies any other way (probably)!

Brownies!!Look at them!! They are beautiful, and fudgy on the bottom and crispy on top.  Perfect with a glass of milk.

So this is my first real post and I hope to have many more.  I already have one waiting – oatmeal cookies – yummmm.


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